Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So why do poets choose certain forms or shapes to write their poem? Think about this: form = idea. The form of the poem reinforces the main idea of the poem. So always look at form.

This week we will be looking at Traditional Forms of Poetry. Some of the forms that we will talk about include Sonnet (Shakespearian, Petrarchian, Spenserian), sestina, villanelle, pantoum, haiku, blank verse, ballads, litany, and others.

Today: Villanelle, Sestina, Pantoum.

We will examine the requirements of each form and discuss how these forms reinforce meaning.


Review TONE and "The Flea" - most of you did miss the tone here.
Play "The Suborbitals" and listen to Mickey's story about the ferry and the Haines' coaches.
Handouts on Villanelle, Sestina and Pantoum.

HW: Read Chap. 14 "Pattern" and Chap. 16 "Good Poetry and Great Poetry". Write a blog entry on how the villanelle form reinforces meaning in either "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight" or "The Art of Losing"

Tomorrow: We will discuss how to write a poetry explication.