Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Search For A New Troy

Aeneid Book III

List of places visited by Aeneas:

1) Thrace (after the destruction of Troy)
Here Aeneas hears the bleeding bush, Polydorus.
2) Delos - voice (Apollo) tells him to seek the birthplace of his mothers
3) Crete - found Pergamum and then a plague begins
4) Strohades - Harpies and a curse of starvation
5) Actium - makes offerings to Apollo
6) Buthrotrum - city of Helenus, son of Priam.
7) Etna - Sicily (Slylla and Charybdis - sea monters) lands of the Cyclops.
8) Sicily (the other side)- Aeneas' father buried.
9) Carthage

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