Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days of the Week

According to John Grigsby, author of Beowulf and Grendel, the English days of the week were adopted from the Romans. Below in the list:

Dies Solis = Sun-day
Dies Lunae = Mo[o]n-day
Dies Martis (the day of Mars) = Tiw's-day (Tiws is the Anglo-Saxon god of war)
Dies Mercurii (Mercury's day) = Woden's-day (Wednesday)
Dies Jovis (Jupiter's day) = Thunor's day (Thor's day or Thursday)
Dies Veneris (the day of Venus) = Frig's day (Friday)
Saturday - Saturn's day had no equivalent in Anglo-Saxon mythology so remained Saturday.

In Book 8, we see the following:

1) Hercules saved King Evander's people by destroying the terror of Cacus. Aeneas will rid Italy of the terror of Turnus.
2) Saturn, the father of the Gods, first lived (after he was kicked out of Heaven by Jupiter) on the hill that will become ROME.
3) The Gates where Hercules once stood will become the Roman Forum.
4) Evanders' people and Aeneas' people spring from the same place: Atlas (even though Evander's people are Greek).
5) Aeneas' mother, Venus, has Vulcan make Aeneas weapons of mass destruction.
6) The Tiber River, the god, comes to Aeneas in a god.